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Over the past decade, Harvard Industrial America has expanded its business by investing in Harvard Taiwan and Harvard Thai, Co., Ltd. These partnerships have helped transform its operation from sales agent of miscellaneous electric parts to a diversified industry provider of processing, managering, packaging and servicing of high technology electronic components.

The fundamental doctrines upon which our company is build are: (1) to meet the customer's demand (2) to work harmoniously as a single unit and strive in joint effort for our goal (3) to deliver our best productivity (4) to create an environment that will promote our prosperity and contribution to our society. Only by doing so can we continue to provide our customers with the best service, follow the current trend of international market, and face future challenges in the 21st century.

Partnership History

  • 1987 - Harvard Industrial America becomes the sole representative in the Taiwan area for the John C. Dolph company.

  • 1988 - Obtains the Taiwan distributorship for Micrometals, Inc.

  • 1993 - Becomes the US sales representative of the Japan Tomita Company.

  • 1994 - Becomes the US sales representative of the High MAG Technology Corp.

  • 1996 - Teams with Taiwan Chen-Hsin Trading Co. to obtain the Taiwan sales representative US BIO-101 company.

  • 1997 - Obtains the US distributorship from FDK Ferrite Company

  • 1998 - Develops a new UL system for John C. Dolph varnishes.

  • 2000 - Obtains the US distributership from China Tiantong Electronics Co., Ltd.

  • 2001 - Obtains the US distributorship from Ningbo Yunsheng Strong Magnet Material Co., Ltd.

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